Dress Shape Diary

If you’re shopping for your wedding dress, you’re likely wondering what silhouette will look best on you. Bridal design typically works within four main silhouettes, each doing different things to make you look amazing. If you’re not sure which silhouette will work for you, read on and see which you’d like to try. 

Ball Gown

Astrid by Abella



Ball gowns are known for their bold, full shape and princess-like look. The ball gown is typically the silhouette that comes to mind when people think of wedding dresses, as it’s been a popular shape for centuries. This shape is defined by its full skirt, with the skirt flaring from the natural waist into a full, rounded bell shape. This contrasts the fitted bodice, placing emphasis on your torso while giving you a feminine look. 


F233 by Allure Wilderly Bride



A much less exaggerated form of the ball gown, the A-line also flares from the natural waist, but rather than a full, rounded skirt, the A-line slants into a more gentle shape. The slanting lines of the skirt point towards your waist, emphasizing the bodice while flowing softly over the hip.. This silhouette is universally flattering, and has remained popular for decades for this reason. 


Dianna by Elysee by Enzoani



The mermaid silhouette is known for its figure-flattering hourglass shape, with the skirt flaring from the knee. The fitted bodice hugs your curves, while the flared skirt works with the shape to emphasize your hips. If you’re a woman who loves bold, dramatic fashion and want to show off your curves, this silhouette is for you. 

Fit and Flare

E161 - Zara by Abellal



The fit and flare is also fitted through the hip, but the skirt begins slightly higher up. Beginning mid-way down the thigh, the skirt flares out gently, creating a figure flattering shape that’s a more laid-back look than the mermaid. For women who want an effortless, curve-loving silhouette, you’ll love the fit and flare. 

Still not sure which is for you? Want to start shopping for one of these silhouettes? Book an appointment at Claire’s Fashions and find your perfect wedding dress.