Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the top trends for weddings today is bridesmaid dresses in different colors/styles/fabrics.. It’s unique and allows your bridesmaids to all wear something they really love. Your bridesmaids can feel confident and beautiful at your wedding while still fitting your wedding’s aesthetic. This look can be tough to pull off, so we’re sharing a few ways to do it: 

Same Dress, Different Colors



Choosing one dress and letting your bridesmaids choose from a range of different colors ensures the dresses will look good together. When the dresses are the same style, you can cover your entire color palette while looking completely put together. 

Different Dresses, Same Color



Another easy way to be sure your mix and match dresses go together well is by selecting a color from a designer, and then allowing your bridesmaids to choose the style that they want. Your bridesmaids will all be in necklines and silhouettes they feel confident in, while still maintaining a traditional, monotone bridesmaid look. 

Different Colors & Styles



One of the most sought after looks is a monotone ombre in different styles and sometimes fabrics, that creates a bohemian, cool look. To accomplish this, we think it’s a good idea to pick out the shades and fabrics you want everyone in and then give a few styles to choose from, so your bridesmaids aren’t overwhelmed with choices

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