Mother of the Bride: How to Pick the Perfect Gown

It’s easy to put finding your own dress on the backburner when helping the happy couple plan their wedding, but we want to remind you that you deserve to wear something beautiful, too! After all, it’s not every day your child gets married. Shopping for a dress can be intimidating, so we’re sharing our best tips for finding one you love. 

Bring a Trusted Friend or the Bride to Be


Turn your shopping experience into a fun outing! Bring a friend/family member whose opinion and advice you trust and if the bride/groom would like to be involved in your dress experience, bring them as well.Grab lunch before or after your appointment to make it a memorable experience. Having someone else there with you will make you more confident in your dress choice, and you’ll be less stressed with someone you love there!


RD2718 by Rina di Montella



Listen to the Bride/Groom


One of the most important parts is being sure you’re listening to the bride/groom . You want to wear something that suits their wedding’s level of formality and their color scheme. Take cues from the bridal party—you shouldn’t be completely matchy-matchy with them, but you want to wear a color that complements the bridal party so that you don’t clash in photos. 


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Talk with the Bridal Mothers


While you don’t need to go shopping together, you should communicate with the other mother’s on what they are wearing. This way, you won’t show up in the same color, or even the same dress. Let them know when you’ve found your dress and send them a picture or let them know color so they don’t get something nearly identical!


M238SL by Marsoni by Colors



Shopping for the perfect Bridal Mother dress? Book an appointment at Claire’s Fashions, and let us help you find a gorgeous evening gown for your child’s wedding.