Wedding Dress Journey

Shopping for your wedding dress takes time, and it’s important to time buying your gown so that you’re not worried about your dress when it comes time for the wedding. If you’re planning your wedding, here’s a timeline you can expect for shopping:

When You Start Planning


Before shopping for your wedding dress, there’s a few planning details you need to take care of. Be sure to have a date and venue set before booking your appointment. This is so that you have an idea of what your wedding day will look like, from the setting to the season so that you’re able to envision what you want!

10-12 Months Before


10-12 months ahead of the wedding, you’ll want to start shopping.Typically it takes 6 months for your wedding dress to arrive once you order it from your designer. This is because it takes your designer several months to sew your wedding dress, from sourcing materials to placing embellishments and more. Your wedding dress is a high-end garment, and it takes time and careful attention to create. 

2-3 Months Ahead


Once your wedding dress arrives, you’ll need at least two months to complete alterations. You’ll likely only need minor changes, like raising your hemline or tightening a strap, but it’s important to get alterations so that your wedding dress fits perfectly on your wedding day. If you are wanting to do custom alterations give yourself at least 3 months.

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